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THETATTOOBLOG.COM: Another new issue of The Tattoo is online now

Monday, May 19, 2008

Another new issue of The Tattoo is online now

Our new issue features the latest, and perhaps final, installment of Louisiana writer Samantha Perez's stunning diary of coping with Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Don't miss it -- and if you haven't read her journal, grab a box of Kleenex, clear your calendar and do it. It's an extraordinary tale of courage and hope in the midst of one of the nation's worst natural disasters.
The new issue also has a solid news story by Connecticut's Rachel Glogowski about teen driving, a fascinating take on voting by London teen Louisa McIndoe and a new cartoon by Justin Skaradosky.
There's also a little story about The Tattoo's on air experience with Hartford radio wizard Colin McEnroe, who's also a darn fine writer with several books and many articles to his credit.
At the station, Tattoo writer Luke Pearson got to meet one of the radio personalities he likes. Here they are:

Tattoo writer Luke Pearson and Jenny Boom Boom, of Hartford's radio station Hot 93.7.

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