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THETATTOOBLOG.COM: The Tattoo goes Inside ESPN

Monday, September 07, 2009

The Tattoo goes Inside ESPN

Thirty years ago this evening, a new sports network began broadcasting out of a trailer in Bristol, Connecticut. That tiny operation has grown over the past three decades to become the worldwide leader in sports, with its headquarters looking ever more like a major college campus and that trailer just a distant memory. It has thousands of employees and fans in every country. To celebrate the anniversary, two Youth Journalist International reporters from Connecticut, Clare Hern and Kiernan Majerus-Collins, ventured inside to find out what makes ESPN tick. Their work -- a stellar package of seven stories with lots of pictures, is online now at
It's a great read, the perfect subject for The Tattoo's 200th issue.
Earlier Tattoo stories about ESPN by alums Collins Seguin, T.J. O'Connor and Justin Skaradosky, are also online. Check out the links on our "Latest Issue" page.
We hope you'll read carefully and let us know how we're doing. We're always eager for tips, suggestions, constructive criticism and any help anyone can offer.
The Tattoo is a teen-written, online newspaper that began 15 years ago and has grown into the world's premier showcase for youth journalism. Youth Journalism International, the educational nonprofit that works with the students, is busy every day helping young writers in many countries learn the craft and build bonds across borders with their colleagues across the globe.
Thanks so much for your support of youth journalism.

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