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Monday, April 03, 2006

Who's reading -- and what they're looking at.

For March 2006, here's what our readers found most interesting in The Tattoo:

1. Tattoo home page
2. Hurrican Journal
3. Suicide page
4. Picking the perfect senior prank
5. CAPT cartoon
6. Tattoo blog
7. March 13th issue
8. Visiting the Mark Twain house
9. Award page
10. Children of the corn
11. The agony of navel ring removal
12. Harmony day appeals to all
13. Discovering India, a different world
14. Review of 'Final Destination 3'
15. Principal hangs up on cell phone ban

And here's where our readers hail from:

1. United States
2. Canada
3. United Kingdom
4. Australia
5. Germany
6. Bulgaria
7. France
8. Brazil
9. Netherlands
10. Italy
11. Singapore
12. Sweden
13. Belgium
14. India
15. El Salvador

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Tattoo goes bilingual

Our ace reporter in San Salvador, Oscar Ramirez, has translated his story about a shelter for kids that's under fire from authorities investigating a baby's death into Spanish so that many more interested readers can enjoy it.
This marks yet another first for The Tattoo: our first bilingual story.
It's a great idea and we sure wish we could have all our stories appear in multiple languages. But for now we're happy to have this one, which should attract many new readers from Central America, Mexico, Latin America and beyond.
Here's the link to the Spanish version:

Our official policy: We hate blogs.
Copyright 2006 by The Tattoo. All rights reserved.

A big exclusive for The Tattoo

Several weeks ago, Tattoo writer Oscar Ramirez spent some time at a San Salvador shelter to talk with teens who'd have troubled times and interview the woman who ran it, Ana Lara. He came away with a lot of information.
But it turned out that we had to rush publication.
On Wednesday, March 29, a baby at the shelter died under unclear circumstances. Lara piled the rest of the kids in a van and drove off. Police are still looking for her as they try to figure out what happened to the baby.
Ramirez provides a telling glimpse into life at the shelter and the motives of the woman who created it years ago. It's an important story in El Salvador and an interesting one for anybody, anywhere. Read it at:

Our official policy: We hate blogs.
Copyright 2006 by The Tattoo. All rights reserved.

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