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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

From Haiti to Avatar, The Tattoo is on the story

Check out another knockout issue of the world's best youth newspaper, The Tattoo. This week's issue introduces three new Youth Journalism International student writers -- Pooja Sha in California, Chloe Buckley in Texas and Shweta Ganesh of Mumbai, India -- and features a piece on a Bethlehem, Penn. high school junior whose family in Haiti is still trying to sort out who survived. Two of Rayna Allonce's cousins perished in the rubble and her great aunt's three-story home collapsed. These are tough times for the family, but Allonce told YJI reporter Gokce Yurekli that she's also "worried about how Haiti will get past this great catastrophe." Read Yurekli's story, Horror and hope in Haiti, by clicking here. On the same page you'll also fund Buckley's piece about watching the earthquake damage from a distance with a heavy heart. Her family has roots in Haiti, too.
The issue has four movie reviews as well. Senior reporter Mariechen Puchert in South Africa reviews Invictus, a film about a South African rugby team. Canadian Jenna Potter gives Nine a thumb-up. And both Sha and Ganesh rave about a little-known movie called Avatar.
Thanks for reading these students' work. Please don't hesitate to share it with any young adults in your life or anyone who cares about teens. For more information on Youth Journalism International, see its website by clicking here. Giving a voice to the next generation is what we're all about.

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