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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Scenes from The Tattoo's Christmas Party, 2006

Stefan Koski

Sam Yosafi

Beth Pond

Mike Nguyen

Amanda Lehmert

Brian LaRue and Katie Haire.

The whole gang, minus those who left early. :)

Rachel Glogowski

Teague Neal

Zach Brokenrope and Courtney Pendleton.

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas in the parish

What the heck does Samantha Perez, right, have on her hands? Truffles.
Yes, it's Christmas in Louisiana, and The Tattoo's accclaimed hurricane diarist has a new entry, about her first Yule back in the old home in St. Bernard Parish. It's another sign of hope and recovery in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Don't miss her story at
Also in our new issue is a Justin Skaradosky cartoon and Mallory Mitchell's first piece, a profile of an Alabama ballplayer.
Keep an eye on The Tattoo in the coming days as well. Zach Brokenrope's got some great stories from the Underground Garage that can't be missed.

Our official policy: We hate blogs.
Copyright 2006 by The Tattoo. All rights reserved.

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Coming soon: Little Steven talks to The Tattoo

Tattoo writer Zach Brokenrope and 'Little Steven' Van Zandt in the studios of the Underground Garage in New York City.
Watch The Tattoo in the coming days for much, much more!

Our official policy: We hate blogs.
Copyright 2006 by The Tattoo. All rights reserved.

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

"Poison bullets"

Tattoo alum Amanda Lehmert, a reporter for the Cape Cod Times, has an extraordinary, important two-day series starting in today's issue of the Massachusetts daily.
Here's the main story: How tungsten missed the mark . This is how the story begins:
When the 211th Military Police battalion fired the Army's new ''green bullets'' at Camp Edwards in 1999, it was supposed to mark a turning point in a long history of military pollution at the Upper Cape base.
The 5.56 mm tungsten-nylon ammunition was heralded by Army brass as a nonpolluting and nontoxic alternative to the standard-issue lead bullets regulators considered a threat to the drinking water supply beneath the Upper Cape.
But a year after those first rounds were fired, Army researchers discovered that tungsten powder in the bullet leached through sandy soils - the type of soil that covers Cape Cod. The finding exposed the risk that tungsten could leach through soil and into the aquifer under the base - the region's primary source of drinking water.
A Cape Cod Times investigation has found Army officials never told the Massachusetts Guard or environmental regulators about those alarming findings. And when subsequent research further proved the tungsten-nylon bullet was anything but environmentally friendly, Army officials remained silent.
While the evidence against the new bullets mounted behind closed doors, soldiers training at Camp Edwards continued to fire the tungsten-nylon ammunition. By the end of 2003, troops had fired 687,478 rounds on base firing ranges - introducing nearly a ton of tungsten into the environment.
If you go to the front page of the Cape Cod Times's website today -- -- you'll find an audio interview with Amanda, a video about the issue, more stories and even a little bio page that tells a bit about Amanda and others who contributed to her project.

We're unbelievably proud of what Amanda's done and encourage everyone to read it. This is great journalism from a terrific reporter.

Our official policy: We hate blogs.
Copyright 2006 by The Tattoo. All rights reserved.

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